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Module Repairs Print
The repairs module is for companies that provide repairs or grant a warranty on the products or services sold. The basic feature of repairs is that what goes in must also go out, i.e. the products received to repairs must be returned, replaced or exchanged for credit notes. For this purpose, a Repairs warehouse is predefined in PANTHEON.

The repair order is a document for tracking customer complaints. It provides a single document for accepting defective goods, return or replace them, or exchange them for a credit note. When accepting defective goods, the program checks whether the goods were actually bought from you or not, which document the sale was recorded with and  if the warranty is still valid. Depending on whether the warranty is still valid or not, repairs can be free of charge or at a fee, respectively.

Complaints to suppliers are done through notices of issue for the defective goods and notices of reception when the goods are returned. If a credit note is returned instead the complaint can be nevertheless closed.

An overview of open and closed complaints
of customers and to suppliers can be found under Breakdowns in the Repairs module.