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Module Orders Print
The Orders module is used to track sales orders, bids and estimates for customers as well as purchase orders, offers and estimates for suppliers. All documents have a status assigned, through which the complete life cycle of an order can be monitored. 

The Dispatch list greatly simplifies work in large warehouses and offers hard allocations - assigning goods to a specific customer. CRM functions provide instant access to all customer-related documents.

Orders can be the basis for invoicing and shipping as well as work orders for manufacturing. Through simple and handy functions, invoices, work orders, etc. can be created directly from sales or purchase orders without reentering data. 

Purchase orders can be generated automatically
, based on threshold stock (minimum or optimum) or sales orders, considering the delivery period. Undispatched orders are, of course, shown separately. Also very useful is the overview of dispatches, where every item can be tracked. Tracking of sales orders can be linked with a B2B or B2C online store by using DataLab Atena, a free application that even comes with its source code.

Tracking orders enables the following:
  • sales orders
  • purchase orders
  • order reports