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Module Manufacturing Print
DataLab PANTHEON™ - Manufacturing

In DataLab PANTHEON™, there are two types of manufacturing:
  • Simple: Release work orders and confirm them by approving material intake and product output
  • Advanced: Planning, scheduling, resource capacities and feedback (MRP II)

Simple manufacturing is supported in DataLab PANTHEON™ SE, DataLab PANTHEON™ GE and DataLab PANTHEON™ ME, advanced only in DataLab PANTHEON™ MF.

The manufacturing module has the following features (in parentheses the version that supports the feature):
  • Material planning and scheduling (MF)
  • BOMs with alternatives technological procedures (MF)
  • Work order processing (SE, GE, ME)
  • Work order processing (MF)
  • Monitoring of finished work and integration with payroll (MF)
  • Scheduling (MF)
  • Cost estimations (MF), cost analyses and work order analyses (SE, GE, ME, MF)
  • Up to 30 BOM levels.
  • Up to 255 alternatives in BOMs.
  • Validate nested BOMs and check structure of existing BOMs.
  • Mass input or edit data in BOMs.
  • Technological procedures with graphic represenation of their sequence and the offset between work orders.
  • Any number of regulations and regulation types for technological procedures.
  • Various printouts of BOMs and for monitoring purposes.
  • Cost estimation with price calculation simulations and taking into account various price types.

  • Multiple plan types (time-based and content-based).
  • Create plans from orders or manually create work orders
  • Planning of material requirements by time. Planning of resource capacities.
  • Create purchase orders based on plan requirements.
  • Create work orders based on plan requirements.

  • Automatically acquire data on finished work from external devices and programs.
  • Interfaces for external programs: for materials consumption by work orders, for acquiring finished work by work orders and for payroll prepration based on data from manufacturing.

  • Customs combination of workers and machinery.
  • Resource capacities.
  • Resource calendars
  • Assess labor cost based on resources
  • Overview of wear and tear of resources

Work orders
  • Any number of work order types
  • Use work orders for services, e.g. car repairs
  • Multiple methods for creating work orders, e.g. from plan, from sales orders, manually
  • Advanced filtering of work orders
  • Join Wor orders
  • Graphically arrange work order schedule.
  • Overview of resource allocation
  • Work documentation
  • Track serial numbers of products and kits
  • Customizable valuation of consumption by work orders
  • Calculation of products' costing prices
  • Automaticall decrease stock of raw materials and increase stock of products
  • Distribute fixed costs among multiple work orders
  • Track unfinished production
  • 13 different breakdowns and analyses of work orders
  • Analyses of finished work
  • Track re-export
  • Cost analyses with costing price calculation based on actual consumption
  • Prepare payroll base don finished work on work orders