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Module Financials Print
The Financials module is for payment transactions in national and foreign currencies. Payment orders in national currency can be created directly from the documents in the Goods module or with the Create Payment Orders function through which multiple payment orders can be created at once. The encoded payment orders can be sent to the bank via e-mail

Bank statements can be imported and posted automatically to the general ledger.

Thei 'Close' menu offers functions to manually close documents, automatically close exchange differences, roundings, cash discounts and prepayments, so no manual posting is neccessary.

The 'Set-offs' menu is used to prepare mutual or multilateral set-off proposals. Furthermore, a blank set-off can be created, which is used when the claim or liability is not yet posted at the time of set-off preparation. The application monitors current claims and liabilities so no claim or liability can be used twice in a set-off. The related payment orders are also updated to prevent doubled payments. Set-off breakdowns can be viewed and printed accorinf to various criteria.

The 'Debt collection' menu shows an overview of outstanding items of customers and the history of debt collection according to various criteria based on which collection expenses can be billed. 'Debt collection' is closely related with 'Outstanding items.'

The 'Outstanding items' menu provides an overview of outstanding, settled, overdue and soon overdue items. Overdue payment reminders can be printed here also.

Interest on late payment can be charged in the 'Interest' menu. Interest can be calculated from paid, unpaid or all invoices. The prepared calculations only need to be confirmed, the documents are created and posted to the general ledger automatically. There is also a built-in checker for doubled interest calculations.

Interest paid to suppliers can be viewed the same way.