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Module Customs Print
PANTHEON offers complete customs operations.

Type D customs warehouses and its related records are supported.

The Customs module is like other modules based on document types. This allows for consistent support of multiple customs warehouses and any number of warehouse movements.

The basis of the Customs module is recording the movement of goods by accompanying documents. According to the requirements, a simple or an advanced mode are available.

The simple mode tracks only movements by SADs. When something is issued from the warehouse a correcponding customs declaration is made, so goods can released for free circulation or exported.

The advanced mode offers weekly or monthly customs clearance. This way, multiple entries in the records are covered with one declaration.

Also supported is in-house clearance and own declarations, including creating and printing SADs. Import declarations, import SADs as well as simplified import and export declarations are available.

There are, of course, many analyses and breakdowns for customs warehouses available.