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Business Intelligence Print
Are you a manager and lack information for making decisions based on actual numbers? Are you a business analyst or an IT specialist wasting time on creating similar reports over and over again? Are you a planner without a proper software tool?

Integrated in PANTHEON is a modular business intelligence system for creating reports, analyses and plans for various aspects of the company – ZEUS. It is OLAP-based and designed to ensure simple use by employing advanced tools and technologies.

Ease of use was the first thing in mind during development of the ZEUS Report in Four Steps. As the name suggests, a  ZEUS Report can be created in four easy steps by selecting a predefined report type and supplying some additional parameters. It can be in the form of a table or a chart and can also be printed, saved, exported to MS Excel, etc.

Eventhough the drag-and-drop ZEUS Analyses are very convenient to the novice user, its full potential will be unleashed by advanced users. ZEUS Analyses are based on pivot tables and charts which allow functions like drill-down, pivoting, filtering, drill-through (links to master data and source documents), indices, saving, exporting to MS Excel, etc.

ZEUS Planning was also developed with simplicity of use in mind. Planning is possible for sales, purchases, payroll and financials for any time period and according to any parameter (subjects, countries, items, item categories, departments, etc.) The planned results can be easily compared with actual data through absolute and relative differences as well as cumulative figures. Furthermore, ZEUS Planning contains advanced tools like the Plan Generator which generates a plan based on past results

Decision-making requires an aggregate of information from many aspects of business. ZEUS makes this information accessible anytime and help making faster and better decisions.

ZEUS is constantly being improved and expanded. Currently, it includes the modules Sales, Purchase, Financials and Inventory. New modules are to come.

With ZEUS, managers can create numerous types of reports and analyses required for their everyday work, business analysts and planners have a fast and handy tool to make various analyses and business plans, and IT specialists will appreciate its low implementation and administration requirements, as it is intergated in PANTHEON.

ZEUS is OLAP (OnLine Analytical Processing) software*, giving it extraordinary analytic features:
  • quick analyses,
  • drill-down,
  • pivoting,
  • switch between tables and charts,
  • export data to Excel, etc.

Advantages of ZEUS are:
  • managers creating analyses on their own, thus eliminating the need for specialists,
  • fast and easy access to information,
  • better overview and control of business,
  • better reports and analyses,
  • data security,
  • easier achievement of business objectives.
ZEUS is a modular analytic tool, integrated into Datalab PANTHEON™. Each module is contained in the related aspect of business. THe modules are:
  • ZEUS Sales,
  • ZEUS Purchase,
  • ZEUS Financials,
  • ZEUS Inventory.
* - requires Microsoft OLAP Analysis Services on an MS SQL server