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The Goods module of DataLab PANTHEON covers invoicing, inter-warehouse transfers, materials management and inventorying. Even a POS module for retailing is included. Due to the numerous features, PANTHEON™ can be employed by the most demanding commercial or manufacturing businesses.

The flow of goods can be traced down to a single piece. A fully customizable monitoring mechanism and serial number support meet the most strict traceability standards.

Price change documents can be created manually for individual products,  groups of products or directly from movement documents.

A part of Materials management are consignment transactions and inventory checks which are simple enought to run them often

DataLab PANTHEON offers also periodic invoicing: set who and how much to bill on a regular basis (e.g. rent or subscription fee) and the application automatically generates invoices.

Intrastat reports can be generated automatically and sent to the competent authority (if it supports EDI).

Cost drivers can also be monitored by the Goods module. Link income and cost accounts, travel orders, salaries, direct costs, etc. It is the perfect tool for the engineering department and companies using activity-based costing, where each operation requires its own costing.

VAT records
are kept automatically in the Goods module.

The application offers a comprehensive document overview: from each document, all related documents and records can be accessed, which greatly improves productivity.

Numerous reports, breakdowns and overviews provide comparisons and analyses required for day-to-day operations.