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Module Fixed Assets Print
The Fixed Assets module of PANTHEON™ records business events regarding acquisition, use, and disposal of fixed assets. 

The register of fixed assets tracks all information and history of fixed assets, from activation to disposal.

The history of value adjustments contains data on downward and upward revaluation of fixed assets.

The history of fixed asset relocations is recorded, as well as their assignment to employees. Fixed assets that are machinery or implements can have a history of repairs and inspections.

The calculation of depreciation can be made for all or individual fixed assets, and, when confirmed, saved in the register. The calculation takes into account downward and upward revaluation.

Posting of all events (value adjustments and depreciation calculations) into the general ledger is done automatically. The accounts are set in the depreciation groups and the register. It can be set whether posting should take into account departments and cost drivers.