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Video surveillance has made in last years the most noticeable progress, and on the other hand, equipment prices are more accessible.
Modern video surveillance's major advantage is to exchange older analog tehnology with digital one. So we won't write about time-laps recorders, multiplexers, switcher and quad elements, let's focus on modern digital technology.


1. Shall we use color or black&white video cameras ?
The main isssue with this question is always the fact, where shall we use the video surveillance system. For example, if is it neccessary to recognize color of person's hair or vehicle color, then the usage of color cameras is a logical step. But, if you plan to have a simple monitoring of a particular area, then a black&white camera is a better option, because it needs much less light as color camera. Modern technology allows us to use "day-night" cameras, whicha has the function to automaticly switch from color mode to black&white mode if the light level is too low.

2. How are elements connected ?
In most cases we use only coaxial cable RG-59/U

3. What will night picture look like ?
Every single camera needs for proper functioning some sort of light source. If it's too dark, no matter which technology is used, the result will always be a complete black picture, so the proper light source is neccessary. Black&white cameras typically ensure picture from 0.01 lux, color from 0.5 lux.

4. How can I recognize a person ?
To ensure this demand the picture of a person should be 1/4 dimension of the screen.

5. How demanding is a digital recorder usage ?
The term might be very demanding, but is very simple. Main menu is in most cases very easy to use and requires no extra knowledge or previous practice.

6. How much will built-in camera be visible?
The appereance of the video system mainly depends on camera choice. External robust camera will evoke a lot of attenton, but it will also work as an effective protective mean. Today we can also choose external cameras only few centimeters big, so they allows almost invisible build in.

7. Should we use warning label ?
Warning label usage is obligatory by law terms on those building which are equipped with video surveillance. You should stick it next to the building entry and it also works protectively.