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Alarm systems Print
samsung_1650_2_200Today's most common and widespread type of surveillance are the antiburglar systems. Each one consists of sensors, main unit, keyboard an horn. As the effectiveness consists of every single component, it's logical to present each one separately.


Most important part of any alarm system is the main unit. So you have to ask youselves the following questions:

  • How many sensors should be present (type of main unit depends of the ammount of alarm sensors)
  • number of users (it is logical to apply to every user different password)
  • number of partitions (as should system work in multiple independent systems - securing flat and offices)
  • type of communication when alarm is triggered (dial private number, call control center,...)
  • number of available keyboards (system must have the ability to control multiple keyboards)
  • events memory (what is the amount of data we want to save)
  • system expansion


1. How is gonna be alarm system mounting visible ?

If existing pipes or installation is used, cables won't be visible at all. If there is no existing installation available, there is a little more work to do, but if the work is done in a proffesional way, no installation will be visible.

2. What is the horn interval time in a burglary happens ?
It can vary from one to six minutes.

3. Is it possible to dial a mobile phone ?
DSC alarm units have built-in communicator with option to dial a mobile phone. Telephone number can be added when the unit is programming phase.

4. How to secure area with animal pets ?
In this case mounting sensors can be a bit critical. Sensors can be adjusted not to detect animal to max. height 1.2m and objects with 60cm width. Sensors cannot be facing doors. If a dog has a habit of opening doors and jumps, sensors will detect that movement. It is more secure to add magnet sensors or glass break sensors.

dsc_system2_2005. We we are informed if an alarm is triggered ?
If there is a telephone line available, alarm system can inform you within the phone line. If there is no tel.line available, is the only option to add another dialer, which transmits the signal over the GSM network.

6. Where are the sensors installed ?
Like we mentioned earlier, sensors sholud be mounted near doors or other entry or exit points in the building. There is no universal rule.

7. Where should be alarm main unit installed ?
Alarm main unit is hidden. Access to the unit is not neccessary. In case that the building is newly constructed, it can be installed beneath wall.

8. What happens if a power loss occurs ?
Every alarm units have built-in accumulator for normal operating without any power supply. Operating time depends on accumulator

9. Entry and exit time ?
Interval for entering or exiting the building can be adjusted.

10. What type of signal is produced if a mobile phone is dialed ?
DSC alarm systems produce horn sound.

11. How is an offer received?
Offer can be made only when the inspection of the buiding is finished. Inspections are normally free of charge.