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ekey® TOCAnet combines several biometric access control terminals into a powerful network, offering a convenient administration of users, terminals and time windows. Designed particularly for the commercial market, ekey® TOCAnet M administrates up to 200 fingerprints (100 – 200 users). Data is stored locally and the terminals operate even without being connected to the newtwork.

Features & Benefits
  • Swift – secure - convenient
  • Employees do not need any keys anymore
  • No more keys can be forgotten, lost or given to unauthorized people anymore
  • No key records needed anymore – time-consuming recording superfluous
  • Rights can be changed anytime by the administrator within the company itself
  • Low purchase and operation costs in comparison with other products
  • Economically priced up to utmost complex solutions - from SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) up to corporate groups
  • User-friendly operation
  • Worldwide networking
  • Multilingual
  • Can be combined with any existing electric or electronic locking system, multi-point locks, etc.
  • Can be combined with any intercommunication system, code lock or card reader.
  • Easy installation
  • Full outdoor capability for the terminals
  • Day and night operation possible
  • Several terminal types and colours
  • Windows Look & Feel
  • The existing network may be used with the help of a RS485/LAN converter
  • Access authorization for employees or visitors, as wished
  • Access records
  • “Alarm function”: both the opening of doors as well as a silent alarm can be activated simultaneously through one single finger thanks to a second relay
  • Log files reported anonymously, if required (works council)